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COVID - 19


UPDATE: 03.23.20 BANGALLA IS  OPEN! Yes! We are accepting new orders! There are still delays but we are committed to staying open all while staying safe. Bangalla's order processes is improving day by day and we are becoming more efficient with shipping out mass quantities of orders. Our distributors and manufactures are committed to supplying us with product to fulfill your orders. Bangalla's Supply Chain is still STRONG!

Dear Bangalla Customers,

First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of our customers for being part of the Bangalla Family.

As you all know being in food distribution can be very rewarding and very challenging. Due to the increasing number of orders and such high demand of products throughout Bangalla, we are seeing a large number of delays and out of stocks. Due to the COVID - 19 virus we have found an increasing number of consumers having to stay at home, thus reflecting our increasing order rates.  

Our staff is continually trying to serve our customers – you. We want to give a special thanks to our team who are working day and night to get everything stocked and shipped.

Please be assured that Bangalla is doing everything humanly possible to fulfill your orders, we are working with all our Manufacturers and Distributors to be able to fulfill your needs. On a daily basis we are receiving new product and within what seems like moments its back out the door. With so many years in business it shows the exceptional demonstration of the relationships we have built throughout the years with our manufacturers and distributors. Bangalla is the United States first food-based grocery dropshipper, we pioneered this industry and its methods. As you might be aware, there have been several suppliers that have stopped receiving orders, but we continue to stay strong. This is a demonstration of all the hard work we have implemented through out the years and proof that we are still one of the best and strongest suppliers. We consider you part of our family and take care of our own.

With this being said, we are forced to implement a new process for you, our Bangalla family, to improve efficiency.

Please see the below guidelines:

0. The health of our employees comes first under all circumstances.

1. All orders are on a first come first serve basis. The order, no matter the size, will be fulfilled depending on its line in our order fulfillment processor. (NO EXCEPTIONS). We understand that every order is a priority, however we do not have enough manpower to answer every phone call/email regarding tracking information and asking for priority over other orders. This unfortunately is unable to happen; we consider every order a priority.

2. If you do not get a tracking number this means that your order is still awaiting shipment. (Please do not call our offices or email our reps about your tracking numbers, they themselves are packing boxes to be able to ship your orders in a timely matter) Having to answer calls for tracking numbers and answer emails for simple things takes time away from our staff and time away from us processing your orders. 

3. Email is the BEST method of contact; we are stopping all communication via phone at this time.

4. Emails will be answered, however not all emails are guaranteed to be answered the same day.

5. We will be accepting all orders that come in.

6. Our stock report will be updated several times a day to reflect current inventory values. 

7. If we do not answer you, this simply means that we are working on shipping your orders, we are still open and are committed to staying open.

8. NEW CUSTOMERS: We are always accepting new customers. Please note that inventory is being depleted at faster rates than usual.

New customer approval:

a. Fill out the new client form (Please email

b. Provide valid proof of business ownership and provide a Reseller Certificate or Tax ID.

c. International Customers are always welcome. International shipping can be quite high, however we are happy to quote shipping to give you an idea. We need an address and product.

d. If you place an order, your order will be placed on hold and will not and does not fall into the fulfillment list until we receive all your information and you are fully verified.

e. Verification of new customers will take a couple of days depending on our staffing.

9. For all cancelled orders you will be notified and credited to your Bangalla account. Bangalla will not be refunding in any other methods of payment. Our terms and conditions state that for credited orders the credit will be going to your Bangalla account, not back on the original method of payment. Please make note of this, we are strictly keeping to this policy.

10. THIRD PARTY SELLERS, we always welcome your business but due to such a high demand you will need to increase your processing time as we cannot and will not guarantee your orders will be shipped within our standard processing time frames. Please address your business appropriately to avoid penalties from these platforms. 

11. GOLD MEMBERSHIP. The Gold membership is active and can be purchased at any time, we have continued its current discount.

12. SHOPIFY STORES - Due to high demand we are happy to announce our new Shopify Stores are readily available for you to purchase! This includes Bangalla building your Shopify store. Please email for more information. Bangalla is proud to support small businesses and will be covering the largest percentage of the costs associated with building a store. We always encourage multiple sources of income and we want to help you expand your brand.


We appreciate your understanding towards these matters.


The Bangalla Family!


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