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Private Label Opportunity - Add Your logo to a growing list of Products!

The online world today increasingly consists of a mass of wholesalers and others all competing on the same items on Amazon, Ebay and on other third party sites. The result is an oversaturated environment where there are often tens of sellers on any given item each trying to go lower than the other in price to get the sale. 

The only way out of this is to either find new items, which others will pick-up very fast, or build your own brand where you control the product, the online listing on 3rd party websites, the pricing, and where and how you sell your products. The Bangalla Brand Builder program allows you to do just this.

The Bangalla Brand Builder Program creates products under your own label. In other words we will add your own logo to a select range of products (about 140 items presently) and hence your now in control.

The Brand Builder program has the following features:

1) Up to 140+ items bearing your unique logo on the packaging

2) Your own unique UPC codes for your products

3) Your own product data lists and images

4) Inventory managed  & fulfilled by Bangalla

5) 5% discount on all other Bangalla product orders

6) Access to additional private label items over time 



The Bangalla brand builder program offers three levels of service depending on your requirements:

1) DIY Service - you simply send us your actual product labels (must meet size specs) and we include these in the packaging process so your label goes on brand builder products.

2) Advanced Service - you do your own graphic design work and then forward us electronic versions. We print all color labels and add to your products.

3) Premium Service - we do it all. We custom design the labels for you, do all graphic design and label setting, print and pack all your items. Plus we include UPC codes.


In addition the to the product branding, Bangalla also makes available other services in the Brand Builder Program to help you build your brand. This includes Web Site order integration (automated passing of orders to Bangalla), marketing services such as logo creation or banner design, social media and brand building coaching services and more.

Please contact Bangalla today to start designing and launch your own branded products!


Check some of the frequently asked questions:

Q. Do I really have my own products?

Yes, Bangalla will add your packaging with your logo to a select range of skus thus allowing you to have your own range of products that you can add to your own website, a third party site, or sell anywhere on the web or real world. We will continue to expand the products available under this service as we move forward and these will be made available for you.


Q. What are the products and can I pick selected items from your list?

At present we have 140 natural items available for private label services and growing. You can choose to either have your logo on all or just some of them thus allowing you to scale the program based upon your own needs. A list of products is available here or download the list from our Data Downloads area. Note that once you select your items we will provide you access to your own data file to load items anywhere you want.


Q. What does the packaging look like?

This is 100% up to you. You can either design your own labels and send to us or work with our graphic design team to create them for you. We can also provide other design and UPC code supply services.


Q. I don't have a logo?

No worries, we can design one for you. Our marketing team charges only $129 for 3 logo designs which you can choose from.


Q. How many units do I need to order?

Unlike most manufacturers that require large amounts of inventory ordered for private label programs, we don't. So we will provide you a list of products and then as you get orders (even single orders) you send them to us and we will ship them on your behalf. There is no need to order inventory upfront.


Q. Is there a setup fee and monthly fees?

Yes, but this fee is customized based upon what services you would like. Please contact us for details. So please contact us for details.


Q. What is my product cost?

We will provide you a product list with your product costs and other product data. From here you can set your own retail prices and start selling.


Q. How is product shipped?

Your products are packaged and then shipped by Bangalla under your company name. As an additional monthly service, we can also add your logo to the outer box so that your customers further see your brand plus we can add any marketing inserts or sales flyers as well.


Q. Where can I sell these items?

This is your brand so these items are uniquely packaged for you under your logo. So you can decide where and how you wish to sell them. For example, create your own listing on Amazon/Walmart/Ebay, attend trade shows, sell at Farmers Markets, sell to the trade. Its entirely up to you. Our role is to simply design, label, package and ship your items.


Q. What if I want to buy product and then label them myself?

Sure you can do this. Check out the Bulk area of our site where you can buy most private label items in 5 - 10 - 15lb quantities.


Q. How do I get started?

Contact us today and we can send more details on this program and how to get started.