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Private Label Opportunities

Interested in Private Label Opportunities?

Bangalla Organic now offers customers the opportunity to launch their own brands on a growing range of products.

Our private label products are made by Ultimate Baker here in Washington under strict FDA food standards. Importantly, these products are all natural colored with real fruit and vegetables, are available on attractive pricing and volume terms for new customers, and can be shipped directly to Amazon FBA warehouses. Check out the key private label features below:

  • Add your own logo on products of your choice with low MOQ to get started
  • New UPC codes and all ingredient details provided for FDA labelling compliance
  • Product maybe shipped to Amazon/Walmart warehouse or direct to you
  • You set your own prices and decide where and how you want to sell your private label
  • Create your own or let us create the labels for you 
  • Fast manufacturing turnaround with opportunity to expand into new product areas as you determine

Here is the current list of products currently available for private labelling (other items may also be available):

  • Cocktail glitter
  • Sanding Sugar (plain colors and blends)
  • Decorating Sugar (plain colors and blends)
  • Cotton Candy Sugar
  • Cocktail Rimming Sugar
  • Sprinkles
  • Confetti
  • Cocktail Salt
  • Popcorn Salt
  • Flavored Sugar
  • Flavored Salts
  • Food Color
  • Luster Dust
  • Beverage Colors
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Donut Sugar
  • Dehydrated Fruits

What something a little different? Then talk to us about custom blends or new product ideas as we are always open to partnering with you.


Contact Bangalla team today to discuss your private label needs.



Check some of the frequently asked questions:

Q. Do I really have my own products?

Yes, Bangalla will add your packaging with your logo to a select range of products thus allowing you to have your own range of products that you can add to your own website, a third party site, or sell anywhere on the web or real world. We will continue to expand the products available under this service as we move forward and these will be made available for you.


Q. What are the products and can I pick selected items from your list?

At present we have over 140 natural items available for private label services and growing. You can choose to either have your logo on all or just some of them thus allowing you to scale the program based upon your own needs. Note that once you select your items we will provide you access to your own data file to load items anywhere you want.


Q. What does the packaging look like?

This is 100% up to you. You can either design your own labels and send to us or work with our graphic design team to create them for you. We can also provide other design and UPC code supply services.


Q. I don't have a logo?

No worries, we can design one for you or you can design your own. Fees will apply.


Q. How many units do I need to order?

Unlike most manufacturers that require large amounts of inventory ordered for private label programs, we don't. Private labelling can be done on as little as 50 items.


Q. Is there a setup fee and monthly fees?

Yes, but this fee is customized based upon what services you would like. Please contact us for details. So please contact us for details.


Q. What is my product cost?

We will provide you a product list with your product costs and other product data. From here you can set your own retail prices and start selling.


Q. How is product shipped?

Your products are packaged and then shipped by Bangalla under your company name to either your warehouse or any 3rd party fulfillment center. 


Q. Where can I sell these items?

This is your brand so these items are uniquely packaged for you under your logo. So you can decide where and how you wish to sell them. For example, create your own listing on Amazon/Walmart/Ebay, attend trade shows, sell at Farmers Markets, sell to the trade. Its entirely up to you. Our role is to simply design, label, package and ship your items.


Q. What if I want to buy product and then label them myself?

Sure you can do this. Check out the Bulk area of our site where you can buy most private label items in 5 - 10 - 15lb quantities.


Q. How do I get started?

Contact us today and we can send more details on this program and how to get started.