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 Q: Do I need an EIN number?        

Yes. We require all businesses to obtain a Federal EIN. To find out more information about Federal EIN, click the link below. 


 Q:  What is a Resale Certificate and do I need one?
Resale certificates are used by businesses when the merchandise being purchased is to be resold by the business. Any merchandise obtained with a resale certificate is subject to sales and use tax if it is used or consumed by the purchaser in any manner, and must be reported and the tax paid thereon direct to the appropriate jurisdiction.  You will need to apply for a resale certificate using your Federal EIN through your state tax department. A resale certificate is required to purchase products from Bangalla Distribution. Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not require one. 


 Q:  How do I access Wholesale pricing?
If you are a registered business with a Federal EIN and want immediate access to our wholesale program then please create a login to become a member of our site. Approval typically takes 24hours after which you will be able to see wholesale prices. There is no cost to join as a standard wholesaler.

 Q:  Do you add more products as time goes along?        

Yes, products are added regularly as our current vendors add new products to their product lines and as we take on new vendors. We also offer monthly specials and other deals. In 2015 we added over 7500 new items.


 Q:  As a dropshipper, can I access product data?
We provide our drop ship customers with an XLS file to upload our products to their site. This file contains key product data and image names. A status column is also included so you can regularly keep your site up to date with in or out of stock items. Please note that not all items are on our dropship product list due to lack of descriptions or images. You can identify whether or not an item is on the list by accessing the product detail page within the site.


 Q:  How long does it take to ship an order?   
Once an order is placed, the order is shipped within 2 to 3 business days. We ship M-F, 10am-5pm PST. Orders can be in transit anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on the address it is shipping to. Payment for products and shipping are billed at the time the order placed.


 Q: Is there a minimum order?      
No we do not require a minimum order.


 Q:  What are your shipping rates?        
We currently use FedEx and USPS as our main shipping service. Our shipping rates are posted on our website under 'Shipping Policy'. The rates are determined and listed by weight of the package.  You also have the option to use your own FedEx account, please make sure you provide us with the account number and we will in return set your account so you will not be charged shipping when placing orders with us. 


 Q: What is your return policy?        
Bangalla no longer accepts the return of food or non-food products. Please note that shipping charges are not refundable. * Under US Food laws, food items are not returnable or refundable unless found to be out of date or the wrong item was shipped. Please contact our customer service desk at for any questions on this policy or to request a return authorization.


 Q:  Can I just purchase one product at a time or do you only sell in bulk?     
We do sell some of our items as singles including health/beauty products, vitamins, supplements, cleaning products, household items, and seasonings/spices. Most of our food items are sold in 3, 6, or 12 packs. With the cost of shipping, it makes sense for consumers to purchase multiple items at one time for bigger savings.
 Q:  Can I buy Wholesale split packs?       
Many of our items are available as singles, 3, 6 or case pack options. For those items with this option simply order the required number.
Q:  What if my order is over $500?     
For any first time orders over $500, shipping and cost of goods will require a direct deposit.